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Go Vegan
Obligate Carnivore
by Jed Gillen. Everything you need to know about why and how to feed your cat or dog a vegan diet.
Vegetarian Dogs: Toward A World Without Exploitation
by Verona re-Bow and Jonathan Dune. How and why to feed dogs a healthy vegetarian diet, exploring the different nutrients dogs need and providing a variety of healthy, balanced recipes.
Vegan Dog Supplements:
Vegan dogs need L-Carnitine and Taurine, both of which can be found in Evolution Pet Kibble
They can also be purchased separately as supplements.

Evolution Pet Kibble
100% Vegan and Cruelty Free!
Dry kibble can be served moist or dry.
Natural protein from soy. No animal by-products or diseased animals.
No growth hormones, antibiotics or fecal residues.
Added vitamins & herbs to enhance immunity and increase life expectancy.
Low mineral ash, low magnesium; high methionine to prevent kidney
All products are 100% complete for all life stages.
Live enzymes and acidophilus to aid digestion.
More concentrated and more easily utilized.
Vitamin A acetate and taurine especially needed by cats.
L-Carnitine fortified for dogs.

Evolution Pet Kibble

Vegan Dogs
The companies listed below sell cruelty free and vegan products. Please read the labels and refer to the hidden animal ingredients list to ensure that you are purchasing a vegan product.

* To ensure a vegan lifestyle, always read the labels!

Sorry, nothing available from Petco!
The following products are available at
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