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Vegan Recipes
The following list contains vegan AND vegetarian recipes.
Please note that vegetarian recipes can be made vegan by simply substituting non-animal ingredients.
See our list at Food Info/Food Substitutes for more information.
All Recipes
Vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Compassion Over Killing
Delicious, Animal Friendly Fare. Easy vegetarian recipes.

Food Geeks
Vegan and non-vegan recipes so be careful. Type "vegan" in their searchbox for more delicious vegan recipes.

In A Vegetarian Kitchen
Vegan/Vegetarian recipes by Nava Atlas.

Kate's Vegan Cookery Site
Vegan recipes.

The Vegetarian Channel
Vegan and vegetarian recipes.

The Vegetarian Resource Group
Vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Veg Cooking
Search recipes by meal, cuisine, or food type.

Veg For Life
A Farm Sanctuary Campaign. A delightful assortment of recipes.

Vegan Fusion
Free Vegan recipes as served by the Blossoming Lotus Restaurants.

Recipes for the Vegan/Vegetarian Diet.

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